5 Frames with Delta 3200 and a Nikon FE - By Jamie Winder

3200 will give you more grain with more range in the overall tone whereas pushing HP5 (I have only pushed it to 1600) will have less grain but less detail in the shadows and highlights. Essentially you are underexposing by 4-5 stops (little detail in shadows) and then greater overdeveloping (might lose detail in the highlights).

For fun: HP5 pushed to 3200 in HC-110

For fun: HP5 pushed to 3200 in HC-110. Discussion in 'Black and White' started by i want my photo.net history deleted, Jul 2, 2005. i want my photo.net history deleted. Hey Guys, Didn't have anything to do this evening and it was too hot to go out. So I thought I have some fun with a roll of HP5 and the only developer I had HC-110. I shot some

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Film: Ilford HP5 Plus 400 (pushed to 3200) · Lomography

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Experiments Pushing & Pulling Ilford HP5 - By Holly Gilman

However, I never pushed film that much. A fast f/2.0 lens and the light on the subject was sufficient enough. Now I'M beginning to experiment with pushing HP-5 to 1600 and downrating T-MAX 3200 to 1600. Never too old to learn. I guess. Your posting was helpful to me. I use my camera (M2 Leica) as a sketchbook.

Ilford HP5 and a First Experiment at 3200 - by Jonathan Slater

Aug 15,  · My wife planned a birthday meet-up for herself at nearby Longwood Gardens, and as the surroundings would be relatively dark I decided to push some Ilford HP5 to EI3200 –

HP5+ or Delta 3200 for pushing | Photo.net Photography Forums

HP5 pushed will come nowehere near what you need. You need a faster material. There are three very fast films: Ilford Delta 3200

What about HP5 pushed to 3200?: Sony Alpha SLR/SLT A-mount

Nov 11,  · What about HP5 pushed to 3200? In reply to WaltKnapp • Nov 11,

Ilford HP5 pushed to iso 3200 - NewbieTo Photography

Shot in Dec. 2019. : Olympus OM1 : Ilford HP5 pushed to iso3200 : Yi 4K + DJI Osmo Pocket : from Audio Library. source

How to Make HP5 Looks its Best — Pushed, Pulled, and at Box Speed

Ilford HP5 Plus is rated to shoot between ISO 200 and 3200, but it will show the best results between ISO 320 and 1600. This film shows remarkable results even at higher ISO values, but the further HP5 is pushed, the more grain and contrast it'll show. When overexposed, HP5 negatives will have greater density, finer grain, and less contrast.

Developing HP5 pushed to 3200 | Photo.net Photography Forums

Haven't tried HP5 but I've pushed Tri-X all the way up to 3200 many times in straight D-76, which of course is not recommended. I follow the standard development